Hearing Aids

For mild to profound hearing loss, we have a hearing aid that fits your hearing needs and your lifestyle.


Compact and sleek, featuring Sonic's latest feedback cancellation technology and more.

miniRITE T

Adds built-in telecoil for better hearing in equipped meeting rooms, theaters, and stadiums.

miniRITE T R

Built-in telecoil plus Lithium-ion rechargeability powers you through a full day, even while streaming.

BTE 105

More power for severe hearing loss, plus automatic feedback cancellation and other great Sonic benefits.

Colors That Fit Your Style

Cognitone offers seven stylish choices, from discreet to engaging, so you can make Captivate your own.

Hearing Aid Styles

Cognitone Hearing features products that are designed to fit your lifestyle and your hearing loss needs.

Poweful BTEs

Discreet Customs


Essential Accessories

Help your patients connect to the digital world with our full line of updated 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) wireless accessories.


allows patients to stream sound in stereo.

Phone Adapter 2

for hands-free landline phone calls.

TV-A Adapter

plays TV audio directly to hearing aids.

RC-A Remote

adjusts volume, programs and connectivity sources.

SoundLink 2 App

controls volume and programs, connects to IFTTT.